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So I've not really been on livejournal properly literally in years, and am amazed, saddened and surprized that at the few people who are still around on here have such rapidly different lives.

From the vegan feminist Rasta who became a born against christian and had two kids, to the stoner hippy who wanted to travel the world settling down with a wife and child, and then some sad news.

I sometimes feel like I'm the only person who hasn't really moved on, I'm still happily married and in the US although we are about to move back to the UK in mid june but thats about as exciting as it gets. I'm tempted to start making crappy music again but I most definitely can't sing, or play very good and to be honest not sure what the point would be.

To anyone out there still using LJ, hello!
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Hi!!!! So nice to be in touch again!
Aye you too! I found an old archived page of my friends list, felt nostalgic and thought I would see who was still around (after trying to keep track of the multiple journal jumps half of you see to have! hehe).

Good to see you kept the photography up.
honest not sure what the point would be.

It's something you like to do, regardless if it's good or bad, just do it because you enjoy it.

When you heading back to the UK? Still in the Mass area now?
Probably around Mid June, at least that is when the Visa is valid from. Aye we're still in Mass, I'm working around Watertown now, but to be honest me and the missus are both a bit sick of New England, if you live in the city you can't afford to do all the stuff you are near, if you live somewhere affordable, there is zero near by to do, catch 22!
Hello stranger! Nice to see that you haven't fallen off the face of the planet. =) Just wondering... do you have myspace?
I do indeed, and have just added you. It's completely blank right now though!
glad to see you're still about! i had your comment on my last post, sorry i didn't reply but when i read it i was in a hurry, and then i forgot when i was online. lame, i know! i'm sad i won't be in the uk when you move over, but i will be making visits so i could run into you then. rob and i want to stay friends, so yeah. we've got that at least.
Well seeing as I haven't properly spoke to you both in...god..what must of been years, I suppose I can forgive you... :)

Are you staring to feel settled again? It must be odd switching back, the last time I was in England it felt a little bit alien, who knows how long it's going to take before it feels normal again.
i'm getting more settled but still not fully there yet. i totally felt like i didn't belong when i first got back here, and i thought everything seemed fake. apparently i still have a little bit of an inflection, which i certainly don't notice!
Hey, I hopped over from tarafuzz's LJ... Where are you guys going to be living when you get to England?! My hubby and I just moved here in October...we live in St. Neots. It's kinda near Cambridge-ish?
Ello there.

Me and the missus will be moving to Bristol, in the southwest, that be the west country me old mucker, oo-arr.
Oh, poo. You were supposed to say that you guys would be living nearby, and that we could become best friends FOREVER!!!
Me and the missus will be moving to [YOUR LOCATION], in the [YOUR REGION], that be the [LOCAL COLLOQUALISM].

Better?? :)

How are you liking it over there?
We like it! My hubby and I are both from Seattle, and the weather and scenery is the same so it's not too much different from being home! :) I still can't get over the stupid exchange rate, but if anything, it just keeps me from buying too much crap I shouldn't be buying in the first place. ;)