Idioteque (idioteque) wrote,


So I've not really been on livejournal properly literally in years, and am amazed, saddened and surprized that at the few people who are still around on here have such rapidly different lives.

From the vegan feminist Rasta who became a born against christian and had two kids, to the stoner hippy who wanted to travel the world settling down with a wife and child, and then some sad news.

I sometimes feel like I'm the only person who hasn't really moved on, I'm still happily married and in the US although we are about to move back to the UK in mid june but thats about as exciting as it gets. I'm tempted to start making crappy music again but I most definitely can't sing, or play very good and to be honest not sure what the point would be.

To anyone out there still using LJ, hello!
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